Westgate Luxury Vacation Home

Westgate Luxury Vacation Home

Are you searching for a luxury vacation home in one of the most beautiful beaches of Westgate, FL?
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Our Westgate luxury vacation home is one of the most beautiful resorts having a variety of features and facilities. Get in touch with Travel Giant Resort to book an accommodation in Westgate luxury vacation home at affordable pricing.


The Westgate luxury vacation home is designed with meticulous attention to detail and bring out the beauty of the location to our guests. The Westgate luxury vacation home gives you an unforgettable experience during the stay. Contact us now to place your booking for a stay at our Westgate luxury vacation home.


Amenities we offer:


  • BBQ Gas Grill
  • Streaming Video
  • Waterfront Pool
  • Private Dock
  • Hot Tub with Outdoor Screened Room

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Westgate Luxurious Vacation Rental

We have maintained our Westgate luxurious vacation rental with an assurance level of the highest standards.
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We make sure that the stay in Westgate luxurious vacation rental gives you comfort and will enlighten your body and soul. The vicinity of the beaches in the premises of Westgate luxurious vacation rental will contribute an enjoyable stay in the area.


The famous tourist spots like Peanut Island, Norton Museum of Art, The Kelsey Theater and much more are too close to the Westgate luxurious vacation rental. All rooms of the Westgate luxurious vacation rental are having beach view and you can enjoy the ocean and beach from the room itself.


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  • Luxury vacation home
  • Private beach home
  • Holiday vacation rentals
  • Top rated beach home

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Westgate Luxury Vacation Homes

Do you wish to have a vacation to be spend in a beautiful beach resort like Westgate luxury vacation homes?
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If you are interested, we can make arrangements for booking the stay in our Westgate luxury vacation homes itself for your coming vacation. Staying in a beautiful resort like Westgate luxury vacation homes, with all facilities like your home will give you a positive energy to your like.


Being an oceanfront resort, the Westgate luxury vacation homes is having boat dock feature for guests travelling through ocean. We have arranged amazing beach sports like Parasailing. Jet Ski, Snorkeling and much more for the guests in Westgate luxury vacation homes.


  • Rapids Water Park
  • Palm Beach Zoo
  • Peanut Island
  • Norton Museum of Art
  • The Kelsey Theater

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